Bigge Island is just one of many divine islands on the Kimberley Coast where guests are treated to canapés and beverages for a special beachside setting.

The Kimberley – Australia’s Hidden Treasure

Australia’s extraordinary Kimberley Coast is one of the world’s last true wilderness areas, and quite unlike anywhere else on the planet. It’s a destination that in one sense is raw, powerful and invigorating - yet at the same time incredibly tranquil.  Somehow, its remoteness and scale doesn’t intimidate, it simply envelopes and energises. Visiting the Kimberley on a cruise expedition is easily one of the most desired travel experiences in Australia, if not the ...

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The magic of Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Reserve on Nantucket is not to be missed.

Weekend Escape from New York

Nantucket is the wealth stealth bomber that outclasses the Hamptons with discretion and history. Going there in May, you get the early sunshine and avoid the crush of the summer crowds not to mention the high season prices. Regular flights direct to the island are readily available from the city, a short hop and you’re suddenly on the set of Something’s Gotta Give. For a two night stay, the White Elephant is perfectly ...

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