The chocolate box fantasy of Prague and its Christmas Market is not to be missed

The Enchanting Prague Christmas Market

If you’re up for a trip across the Channel, then the chocolate box fantasy of Prague and its Christmas Market is not to be missed. During the festive season, the Czech Republic's capital becomes home to some of Europe's best Christmas markets with colourful, twinkling light displays and breathtaking Christmas trees. Prague already boasts a reputation as a beautiful city with its picturesque Old Town and enchanting buildings, however there's something particularly magical about ...

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The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is the oldest Christmas market in France

The Magic of the Strasbourg Christmas Market

I’m a self-confessed romantic and love everything about the festive season. There’s nothing better than curling up fireside to watch Love Actually, Serendipity, or It’s a Wonderful Life. Say the words Christmas Market and it has the very same effect. A weekend or day trip with the one you love on your arm and you’re starring in your very own holiday romance. Here’s the pick of the most romantic destinations ideal for ...

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If you’re holidaying in the UK, why not stay at Amberley Castle and feel like royalty

A Royal Stay in the UK

If you’re holidaying in the United Kingdom, why not stay in one of Britain’s romantic castle hotels and feel like royalty. Cliveden Once famous for the Profumo Affair, and now forever famous as the place where Meghan Markle spent her last night as a mere mortal before being elevated to Duchess of Sussex. Not far west of London, this fabulous mansion on the Thames invites you to make your own history within its ...

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The luxurious Myconian Naia is an easy ten-minute stroll into town if you can tear yourself away.

Magic of Mykonos

With Mykonos now apparently usurping Ibiza as the destination for the Cristal-sipping MTV crowd, so how does one do it in stylish, quiet romance whilst at the same time being close enough to dip into that scene if you want to? The choice of luxury is wide, but our favourites would be Myconian Naia because it’s just so gorgeous and an easy ten-minute stroll into town if you can tear yourself ...

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Amsterdam is a terrific short flight getaway

Amorous Amsterdam

Fancy a quick European escape from London? Amsterdam is a terrific short flight getaway that works beautifully in winter with multiple airline and airport options to get you there quickly. Now, you can also travel from central London on the Eurostar to Amsterdam. It seems like it might be a longer trip but with airport transfers, security and the like, it’s the same and much more comfortable. If you’ve already been, there are new ...

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Santorini is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece

Summer in the Greek Islands

Let’s face it, Mama Mia – Here we go again, is not the kind of film to get hardened cinema critics waxing lyrical. But for sheer joy, entertainment and fun with a large dollop of romance, it’s spot on. Eschewing the madding crowd of August, those in the know appreciate how special September is in the Greek Islands, not to mention the prices. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme an extended weekend or a week ...

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Copenhagen is just a quick and easy hop away for a stylish Scandinavian weekend

Cosy Copenhagen

With multiple airlines and frequent flights, Copenhagen is just a quick and easy hop away for a stylish Scandinavian weekend. Fly direct with connections from the Middle East or from London on SAS or British Airways. For enthusiastic foodies, this is the place to go with 18 Michelin stars blazing the restaurant sky. The idea is to try something local so make sure you have reservations for lunch or dinner at Noma, Restaurant ...

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Marbella is always Costa Del Fabulous

April Showers?

If you’re headed to Europe in the early spring, you may be wondering where to go so you can catch a little bit of sun and al fresco dining. The season has not really begun on the Côte d'Azur, they are just opening the shutters and beginning to get the sun loungers out. The smart set in London who are not keen to drag themselves onto a long-haul flight or ...

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A Glacial Adventure to Suvretta House in St Moritz

Glacial Adventures

Zurich quite literally smells of money. It’s walking down the street, gliding through a hotel lobby, and slipping into the seats at the city’s best restaurants. Think Bond, think The Night Manager, think anything chic and European and you can’t get better than the bristling Swiss bank account efficiency of Switzerland. It specialises in perfection, like watches and Roger Federer, so you won’t find yourself ever complaining about dirt or something not ...

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The hills are alive with the sound of Salzburg

The Sound of Salzburg

You may secretly love The Sound of Music, watch it whenever it’s on the tele, but by god, you won’t be telling anyone it’s one of your favourite things. That said, you can’t go wrong with a weekend trip to Salzburg, and again if you are London based for your Europe trip, it’s very doable for a one night get away from London with an overnight carry-on bag only. It’s regional so ...

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