Meri Gavin

Meri is the founder and creative director of Meri Gavin Living and is Australia’s foremost expert in the areas of personal trademarking and social skills.

Meri is unique in her vast knowledge and expertise in this area and is the only person in Australia with her specific background, experience and qualifications.

She has completed advanced training at The Old Vicarage in the United Kingdom and was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of liaising with Letitia Baldrige, White House Chief of Staff and Social Secretary to former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy during the famous Camelot era.

Meri is a passionate advocate for strong personal trademarks and a signature style transcending all areas of life.

She is an advisor and media commentator on all things image, personal trademarks, social and professional development.

With a passion for anti-ageing beauté, signature style expression, personal trademarks, entertaining and travel, Meri Gavin Living serves as a focal point of inspiration.   

Meri Gavin Living isn’t just a trademark – it is a lifestyle. 

Classic but always with a contemporary perspective, every area has been showcased to make life more beautiful with a sense of ease and refinement.

Meri Gavin Living is a curated collection for women with busy lives who are inspired by style, beauté, creativity and living an effortless lifestyle.

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realise I should have been more specific.Lily Tomlin