When you dress in styles and accessories that reflect your personality, we notice you first, then your clothes

Developing Your Style Personality

The time has come for the inner you to come out and tell us how you want the world to view you. Your personality dictates your style, which is your own interpretation of fashion. If you ignore your personality and purchase pieces that are influenced by fashion magazines or what suits a friend, you will wind up with a wardrobe of jumbled styles. Not only will this severely limit your flexibility in ...

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Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady of Style

First Lady of Style

It’s long been a common misconception that in order to be a style icon, one had to reinvent the wheel. However, as we focused on each style icon, we identified the key elements that gave them ownership of the style and elevation to their famous iconic status. We discovered that the common denominator amongst the style icons was their unique styling of classic pieces. Much has been said about the style expression of Jacqueline ...

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Style icons take ownership of their image

The Secret of a Style Icon

These days, the meaning of style has become somewhat cloudy. From the high street fashion stores dominating the industry to the magazines that heap praise on the trendiness of the Kardashians and the Hadids, all too often style is being integrated with what’s hot right now. Quite often the obscure trend cycles are supported by a selection of ‘It’ girls, however, they’ll never hold a candle to the ongoing style direction of the ...

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Effortlessly chic and timeless

The Key to Timeless Style

Christian Dior, the legendary fashion designer once said, “no elegant woman follows fashion slavishly.” Oh, how I wish every woman would remember that statement! Amongst other things, you have to consider your age, your body type, your lifestyle and personality. Just because it looks totally fabulous on a model or in a magazine, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the ensemble creating the same wow factor on you. Just because everyone is wearing it, doesn’t ...

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Bold and expressive signature style

What is a Signature Style?

There are seemingly endless lists of both men and women that come to mind when the term ‘signature style’ becomes part of a conversational mix. Carrie Bradshaw’s signature silk flower brooch. Lauren Hutton confidently owning her perfectly, imperfect smile. Cindy Crawford’s unmistakable beauty mark. Julia Roberts’ infectious laugh. Anna Wintour’s inconspicuous bob and absolutely everything about Audrey Hepburn. So, how do you recognise a signature style? It could be an idea, a look, an ...

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The Key to Stylish Dressing is simplicity

The Key to Stylish Dressing

There is no key! If there was a key it would be too easy, and everyone would buy the key and all their fashion worries would be over! However, there are three fundamentals of fashion that cannot be bought, and they are: Simplicity Grooming Good taste These elements are not a commodity which can be bought, however, they can be learnt by everyone, regardless of where you are in life. How does Audrey Hepburn ...

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What is a Style Expression? Timeless white palette is always in style.

What is a Style Expression?

Men and women who have a keen sense of personal style seem more confident and as strange as it may sound, they appear to be much happier than other people. So began my quest to determine how they achieved this sense of ease and elegance.  It’s not as hard as you may think.  It takes discipline and knowledge, however it’s unbelievably empowering.   Individuals with style invariably generate a charismatic presence, a ...

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What is Style? Audrey Hepburn personifies timeless elegance.

What is Style?

Style never goes out of fashion! Style is international, classic and timeless. It’s your entrance to the world that signals that you are global, rather than suburban. Style is about owning your look.  It’s about being confident and wearing your look with a smile both inside and out! A contemporary, classic style is a look that people never tire of. Just think of Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly. The common mistake ...

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How Important is your Image? Alfresco setting with a cup of coffee in hand.

How Important is your Image?

Your image affects not only how others identify you, but more importantly, how you distinguish yourself. When you look terrific you feel more confident. A positive image affects your self-esteem; you value yourself more and enjoy the positive feedback from others. On the days when you don’t make an effort with your appearance, you are more likely to retreat from opportunities rather than step out and shine. You deserve to have a first-class ...

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