Personal Trademarking empowers you with the ability to stand out from the crowd

A Work in Progress

Every day, we step out into the world with the intention of creating a better life for ourselves and making a contribution. How each one of us does this is truly unique. Oh my gosh, how much easier would it be if we only had to follow in someone else’s footsteps, similar to a connect the dots instruction manual and presto, the perfect life would be laid out in front of us? I ...

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Personal Trademarking is how we market ourselves to others

Owning your Uniqueness

In every environment, from the workplace to the web, people make choices that affect their personal trademark, whether it is who to work with and for that matter who to avoid, who to follow, who to 'friend', or what special message to share in 140 characters. You have the ability to create your own sense of individuality, trust and confidence. How you manage your personal trademark in any of these mediums will ...

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Just be yourself is a very simple phrase for a somewhat challenging task.

Are You a Follower?

'Just be yourself' is a very simple phrase for a somewhat challenging task. All too often we spend much of our lives being what we thought we needed to be for a range of reasons.  By the end of the day, we don’t truly know who we really are. Whether it’s believing something because we were raised in such a way, delivering the perfect response to acquire the job that we so ...

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You have the power to influence people to see you exactly the way you wish to be perceived

How to Rewire Your Hard Drive

Life changes constantly.  Sometimes we see it coming and other times it sneaks up on us almost in a cruel manner. Your mission is greater than your role and the circumstances surrounding it. Focusing on your personal trademark in times of change provides a rock of stability and a forward direction that brings peace and integrity to turbulent times. Life’s big decisions can be daunting. As much as you may wish there was ...

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Always think about what makes you different when trying to cultivate a signature style

What Makes You Different?

With every decision you make and every path you choose to travel in life, you are revealing your style, your preferences, your priorities and the way in which you feel you can live your best life. In other words, all of these components represent an element of your trademark values. As always, actions speak louder than words and that is most definitely something to think about when trying to cultivate a signature ...

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The Power of 'You'. What is it about you that makes you different?

The Power of ‘You’

If you want to grow your personal trademark, you’ve got to come to terms with your own power. Power for the most part is a misunderstood term and a hugely misrepresented capability. What I’m talking about is a different type of power than what we usually refer to. It’s what I call influential power.  In other words, it’s being known for making the most significant contribution in your particular area. Think of it as ...

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It's a Brand-New World. What it takes for you to step out and shine.'

It’s a Brand-New World!

Just look around you. Think about the trainers you wear - one look at the unique ‘swoosh’ on the side communicates who’s got you trademarked. Again, the distinctive three stripes down the side of the t-shirt right through to the handbag you’re carrying with the interlocking G’s speaks volumes! If you’re interested in what it takes to stand out and shine in 2019, then it’s time for you to take a lesson from ...

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What is your Personal Trademark? The beauty of head to toe black.

What is your Personal Trademark?

What is it about certain people that knocks us over when we meet them?  What is it that they have that we don’t?  Are they better looking, smarter, more charming or are they just incredibly lucky? More to the point are the successful and confident people born that way or does money make a difference? Money can’t buy charisma, however, you can learn to be more charismatic and for that matter absolutely anything else ...

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