What is Entertaining? Entertaining can be as simple as a platter of cheese and dips.

What is ‘Entertaining’?

Entertaining is a general term which covers all types of activity of inviting people into your home or hosting large events at a restaurant or event facility. You are entertaining when you ask a neighbour in for coffee, as well as when you invite a large number of people for a business lunch or dinner. The common denominator is the time and effort spent in creating a connection with others, regardless of ...

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The Art of Entertaining. Beautiful tablescape featuring a floral centrepiece.

The Art of Entertaining

In the majority of cultures, it is the ultimate point of acceptance to be invited into someone’s home. Entertaining is an important skill to master in life and provides the perfect stage to demonstrate a host’s genuine leadership abilities. Entertaining guests is about creating an experience where colours, lights, scents, flavours and sounds work together in perfect harmony to create joyful, unforgettable moments. The secret is to provide warmth with personality, in ...

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My Restaurant Rules. Social skills are on display in a restaurant.

My Restaurant Rules

There’s a price to pay for having your dinner cooked for you, quite aside from the cost, the price of being seen out and about, on show in the public arena.  For some, seeing and being seen is the attraction, however, a public persona must always be assumed as watchful eyes and ears are in ample abundance. Restaurants are judgemental venues and are disappointingly prone to being impressed by power.  It’s ...

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