French chic style to ageing gracefully

The French Style of Ageing Gracefully

It’s no secret that the world has always been obsessed with the way French women live their lives.  They have a very special trademark that is pretty hard to beat.  Let's face it, they are renowned the world over for their signature ‘je ne sais quoi’. So, why do French women appear to age with such style and elegance? Interestingly enough, their secret to graceful ageing does not involve Botox, eye lifts or ...

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A Timeless Look. The key is always to keep your look fresh, updated and understated.

A Timeless Look

One of the first steps to achieving a timeless, elegant style is to pay attention to your personal grooming. To be perfectly honest, it is absolutely impossible for someone to exude elegance without being immaculately groomed. So where do we start? At the very least, you must have a clean face, neat and presentable nails, and most importantly, you need to smell fresh. What I mean by fresh is having showered and not reeking ...

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Groomed Goddess sets the standard personal grooming.

Are You a Groomed Goddess?

Is your personal grooming up to speed or could you use a grooming masterclass? Most of us like to think we have the basics of beauty etiquette all sewn up. However, how long has it been since you've had a manicure, tamed your eyebrows or perhaps decluttered your ever-bulging handbag? In this time-poor era, activities such as eating, sleeping and grooming aren’t given the attention they so richly deserve. Sadly, time honoured routines have ...

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Parisian Chic. Daily beauty rituals are a must.

Parisian Chic

For the past century, the western world has been fascinated by the allure and the unique style expression of Parisians. French women are famous for their trademark effortless chic. Their mantra is quite simple ‘it’s about pleasure and enjoying life by feeling good about yourself.’ French beauty is an attitude – an allure. Quite simply, it’s in their culture. Parisians are receptive and attentive towards beauty rituals; however, they know not to become distracted by ...

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What is Vitality? Water and hydration.

What is Vitality?

Vitality is not some type of mysterious quality that is possessed only by a select few. But what is it? Are you born with it? Can you acquire it? Vitality is a part of each and every person and we are all capable of nurturing and allowing it to transform our daily lives. Inner vitality is brought about through a combination of diet and relaxation, while outer vitality encompasses exercise, hair, skin ...

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