Personal Trademarking is how we market ourselves to others

Owning your Uniqueness

In every environment, from the workplace to the web, people make choices that affect their personal trademark, whether it is who to work with and for that matter who to avoid, who to follow, who to ‘friend’, or what special message to share in 140 characters.

You have the ability to create your own sense of individuality, trust and confidence.

How you manage your personal trademark in any of these mediums will determine how others view you and ultimately shape your career and your life.

Personal Trademarking is how you market yourself to others. It really is a timeless concept and has always existed on a personal level.

Personal Trademarking is how we market ourselves to othersYou are constantly selling yourself from social settings to professional arenas.

For example, it could be anything from convincing a friend to go to a concert right through to impressing management for an opportunity to take on a larger role.

More importantly, you are continually being judged based on first impressions, some of which occur online with just a simple Google search.

From the clothing you wear, to how you behave and interact with other people right down to your body language, absolutely everything is tied to your overall trademark.

For anyone who is interested in having a successful career, whether you’re a job seeker, consultant, student, employee or perhaps a budding entrepreneur, your personal trademark is absolutely everything.

Personal Trademarking is about you defining you and not giving others the opportunity of defining you. It’s about taking ownership.

It is your point of difference and it’s what makes you unique.

Personal Trademarking is how we market ourselves to others

Don’t be like the rest of them darling.Coco Chanel

Personal Trademarking is how we market ourselves to others

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