Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady of Style

First Lady of Style

It’s long been a common misconception that in order to be a style icon, one had to reinvent the wheel.

However, as we focused on each style icon, we identified the key elements that gave them ownership of the style and elevation to their famous iconic status.

We discovered that the common denominator amongst the style icons was their unique styling of classic pieces.

Much has been said about the style expression of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  Her look was feminine and simple with a legendary sense of ease.

Throughout the world, Jackie was simply the epitome of style, poise and class.  She was a tastemaker for all ages who inspired the fashion choices of countless women throughout the world.

Jackie was the queen of streamlined silhouettes in blocks of colour.

Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady of StyleWhilst she is largely remembered for her pillbox hats, streamlined suits and kitten heels, the former First Lady was also an absolute master of block colour.

Her style brilliantly transcended the occasion from formal events in the White House to her nautical jaunts on the Mediterranean, right through to her street chic style across Europe and her beloved stomping ground of New York City.

However, as much as we loved her ‘work uniform’ as First Lady, it was her string of effortless off-duty ensembles that demonstrated just how much innate chicness flowed through her.

Deconstructing Jackie’s style expression was interesting.  Her look was made up of wardrobe fundamentals, but there was nothing pedestrian about it. Jackie wore seemingly basic pieces; A-line skirts, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, capri pants, ballet flats, scarves and of course, her trademark large frame sunglasses.

Her style always evolved.  After developing a basic style that worked so beautifully for her, she simply adapted her look as she moved forward. Her style was authentic as it always reflected her lifestyle and she just tweaked the look as her personal landscape changed.

Jackie’s style was never static and that’s why it’s still so current today in terms of fashion, design and culture.

Her style was globally recognised for its individuality and she has left an enduring legacy that encapsulates undone perfection at its very best. It’s an effortlessly chic look that so many can only hope to emulate.

Jackie's simple yet chic ensemble

We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.Yves Saint Laurent

Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady of Style

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