Effortlessly chic and timeless

The Key to Timeless Style

Christian Dior, the legendary fashion designer once said, “no elegant woman follows fashion slavishly.”

Oh, how I wish every woman would remember that statement!

Amongst other things, you have to consider your age, your body type, your lifestyle and personality.

Just because it looks totally fabulous on a model or in a magazine, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the ensemble creating the same wow factor on you.

Just because everyone is wearing it, doesn’t mean you have to wear it too!

In a perfect world, having clothes custom made would be the absolute ultimate.  However, that is not always possible and we don’t all live in a perfect world!

We constantly talk about the power of individuality

One word of warning remember individuality is not an excuse for eccentricity.  Sadly, all too often, individuals blur the lines between the two.

Please don’t be a victim!

Style is quite different from fashion. As Coco Chanel so effortlessly reminds us, “fashion fades but style remains.”

When you know what clothes flatter your body, which colours complement your skin tone and can confidently identify the cuts which may or may not suit your silhouette, you’re well on the way to cultivating a style that is uniquely your own.

The peace of mind is knowing that whatever walks down the runway each season; the knowledge of which pants to gravitate towards and which dresses to stay away from becomes instinctive.

However, it will take time to develop, which for better or worse is unique to each and every one of us.

With all of that said, what you choose to wear on a daily basis, to parent/teacher meetings, out to lunch or dinner or perhaps even to a first interview reveals plenty to onlookers about how you feel about yourself and whether or not you really know who you are and what strengths you possess.

Just think, without uttering a single word, you can have an entire conversation with someone for better or for worse.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.Coco Chanel

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