Bold and expressive signature style

What is a Signature Style?

There are seemingly endless lists of both men and women that come to mind when the term ‘signature style’ becomes part of a conversational mix.

Carrie Bradshaw’s signature silk flower brooch. Lauren Hutton confidently owning her perfectly, imperfect smile. Cindy Crawford’s unmistakable beauty mark. Julia Roberts’ infectious laugh. Anna Wintour’s inconspicuous bob and absolutely everything about Audrey Hepburn.

So, how do you recognise a signature style?

It could be an idea, a look, an attitude or an approach to life that is undeniably relatable to a particular person. More than likely, you’ll know a few people in your life who have their own unique signature style that they confidently present to the world.

A bold and striking signature styleQuite simply, developing a signature style, which can be done and expressed in a myriad of ways is a mandatory ingredient in creating the life you desire.

A signature style requires you to know who you are so that you can express yourself in an authentic manner. It’s about creating a life that will sit most comfortably with your soul.

Let’s focus on the areas of your life in which a signature style is expressed and revealed to the world around you.

How to create a signature style?

Creating your own signature style is a very personal thing. No two signature styles are the same.

Whilst they may have similar components, they will never be identical because each person is unique.

Keeping in mind your taste, where you live, your body type, your eye colour, your bone structure, your personality and so much more, absolutely everything comes into play as you set out to distinguish yourself from the crowd with your very own signature style.

However, the key ingredient is experience.  In other words, it’s about going out, living life, listening and taking on board all that you are learning about yourself.

Everyone has the potential to transform their lives into a style collage. After all, your style doesn’t end with what you wear; it blends into how you live and what you come home to every night as well.

Being conscious of how you live and doing so in a confident manner is an expression of who you are on the inside, just as much as what you project to the outside world.

Let’s not forget that a strong sense of individuality must be combined with a healthy level of self-confidence to generate an authentic signature style.

I am the designer of my own dreams.Ralph Lauren

Understated elegance is a true signature style

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