Groomed Goddess sets the standard personal grooming.

Are You a Groomed Goddess?

Is your personal grooming up to speed or could you use a grooming masterclass?

Most of us like to think we have the basics of beauty etiquette all sewn up.

However, how long has it been since you’ve had a manicure, tamed your eyebrows or perhaps decluttered your ever-bulging handbag?

In this time-poor era, activities such as eating, sleeping and grooming aren’t given the attention they so richly deserve.

Sadly, time honoured routines have given way to fast food, erratic sleep patterns and intermittent personal grooming.

So it begs the question… is all the preening really that important anyway?

Absolutely, yes!

Forget all the proverbs about not judging a book by its cover. Unfortunately, first impressions are face value appraisals based on appearance and yes, they really do count.

In this competitive world, a bright, shining personality may not outshine a bad hair day, after all.

Is it possible to stay impeccable and unflappable 24/7?

Absolutely, with a little planning and practice, you won’t have a hair out of place.

These days, the emphasis is on enhancing your natural assets, rather than trying to change them. This contemporary philosophy abandons the outdated notion of striving for classical perfection.

Modern make-up is no longer simply geared exclusively towards fashion and colour trends, it’s all about embracing the individual.

You can simply tweak your look by adding a seasonal pop of colour as your wardrobe transitions between the warm and cool palettes of each season.

No longer do you need a massive quantity of cosmetics to create your look – only a handful will suffice to take you from morning right through to night.

Hi-tech, versatile and long-lasting, modern cosmetics make life a whole lot easier for the busy woman on the go and it only gets better with high performance, organic products used by professional make-up artists now readily available in both hemispheres.

Voila! A look that is fresh and on point every time.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.Audrey Hepburn

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