The Art of Entertaining. Beautiful tablescape featuring a floral centrepiece.

The Art of Entertaining

In the majority of cultures, it is the ultimate point of acceptance to be invited into someone’s home.

Entertaining is an important skill to master in life and provides the perfect stage to demonstrate a host’s genuine leadership abilities.

Entertaining guests is about creating an experience where colours, lights, scents, flavours and sounds work together in perfect harmony to create joyful, unforgettable moments. The secret is to provide warmth with personality, in the emotions you and your home can convey.
Some people are naturally born hosts, while others can be completely thrown by the need for planning and attention to detail.

Hosting guests is also about presenting yourself with your signature style and delivering it in a tasteful way.

Entertaining truly is an art.  A host of merit always leaves a personal trademark with her style of entertaining.  Her personal touch is no cliché, it’s a major asset that warms up something that could otherwise be cold and makes the experience warm, inviting and engaging.

Being a gracious host is all about serving others, being generous and investing your time in relationships with your friends and family.

A wonderful lunch or dinner doesn’t happen by accident. It requires planning, legwork, cooking and cleaning. There is some effort involved to make a guest list, follow up and preparation.  

Trust me, it’s really worth the effort!

There are so many benefits to entertaining.  It’s a great way to develop your business networks and relationships and you’ll leverage your time by connecting all your friends at once.   

The secret to hosting a successful dinner or lunch gathering is to choose your guest list selectively. I’ve always found that if I feel a connection with specific individuals then they will most likely feel comfortable with one another.  It’s a tried and tested formula that has never let me down!

Choosing a guest list isn’t just about ‘liking’ the people, it’s about combining like-minded people and personalities for a more relaxed and engaging experience for everyone. Introducing the right mix of people is like magic. The dinner becomes effortless for the host and memorable for the guests and above all, you’ll create a lasting experience!

When you bring together the perfect mix of people for a dinner or lunch gathering nothing else matters. Any oversights become inconsequential when you’re wrapped up in lively conversation, laughter, and great wine!

Tact is the art of making guests feel at home when that’s where you wish they really were.George E Bergman

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