The Power of 'You'. What is it about you that makes you different?

The Power of ‘You’

If you want to grow your personal trademark, you’ve got to come to terms with your own power.

Power for the most part is a misunderstood term and a hugely misrepresented capability.

What I’m talking about is a different type of power than what we usually refer to.

It’s what I call influential power.  In other words, it’s being known for making the most significant contribution in your particular area.

Think of it as reputational power.

Gaining and using power intelligently and responsibly are essential skills for growing your trademark.  In fact, what draws us to certain trademarks is the power they project.

Quite frankly, you want to be associated with strong, powerful trademarks.


Because these trademarks have a certain charismatic factor that generates a halo effect that rubs off on you.

When we communicate our trademark through words and actions, we will naturally attract those who support it.  The more you authentically live your trademark, the more those around you will be the people who respect and support your actions.

Most important of all, remember that power is largely a matter of perception.  If you want people to see you as a powerful trademark, you must act like a credible leader.

When you’re thinking like trademark ‘You’, you don’t need an organisational chart authority to be a leader.

The fact is… you are a leader.

You are leading ‘You’!

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.Steve Jobs

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