My Restaurant Rules. Social skills are on display in a restaurant.

My Restaurant Rules

There’s a price to pay for having your dinner cooked for you, quite aside from the cost, the price of being seen out and about, on show in the public arena.  For some, seeing and being seen is the attraction, however, a public persona must always be assumed as watchful eyes and ears are in ample abundance.

Restaurants are judgemental venues and are disappointingly prone to being impressed by power.  It’s probably clever economics to favour the big end of town!

Categorisation starts with a phone call.  Perhaps you’d like the best table?  If so, ask them to suggest a nice table but never demand it.  If it’s a special occasion, many will oblige with a few privileges.  If you prefer a minimum of fuss, then maintain that approach.

Be on time!  Punctuality is obligatory when dining out.  Call ahead if you’re going to be fifteen minutes late.  To be honest, I would phone if I know I’m going to be ten minutes late, it’s simply common courtesy.

If you’re the host, then you should aim to be early in readiness to greet your guests.

Once seated, guests will be given menus and advised of the specials of the day.  The universal language to indicate that you are ready to order is to close the menus.  If however, this signal is missed, then you will need to catch the eye of the waiter.

Please don’t ever click your fingers, shout or whistle across the restaurant, subtlety is the key!

A business lunch

On a commercial level, breaking bread with clients is an important part of the relationship building process.

It takes planning to create a memory. However, if you don’t take the extra time, then you are just another vendor with a credit card buying a meal.

The challenge is making those interactions more than just a business lunch.

The art of entertaining is to make every encounter with your client a memorable experience, so choose your venue very carefully.

Great food makes a great meal and great service creates the memory.

The focus of entertaining is impressing others; the focus of true hospitality is serving others.Tim Chester

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