What is Style? Audrey Hepburn personifies timeless elegance.

What is Style?

Style never goes out of fashion!

Style is international, classic and timeless. It’s your entrance to the world that signals that you are global, rather than suburban.

Style is about owning your look.  It’s about being confident and wearing your look with a smile both inside and out!

What is Style? Grace Kelly epitomised elegance long before Her Serene Highness status.A contemporary, classic style is a look that people never tire of.

Just think of Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly.

The common mistake that women make is that they present themselves as fuddy-duddy, conservative rather than contemporary classic.

Ladies, you need to appreciate that ‘conservative’ dressing can also be very stylish.

The foundational key to contemporary, classic dressing is evaluating the purchase of an outfit and determining whether it is an investment or an expense each time you wear it.

You need to think of your wardrobe in terms of capital expenditure and always ensure that the outlay is an investment in your long term personal and professional growth.

Fashion fades but style remains. Coco Chanel

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