How Important is your Image? Alfresco setting with a cup of coffee in hand.

How Important is your Image?

Your image affects not only how others identify you, but more importantly, how you distinguish yourself.

When you look terrific you feel more confident.

A positive image affects your self-esteem; you value yourself more and enjoy the positive feedback from others.

On the days when you don’t make an effort with your appearance, you are more likely to retreat from opportunities rather than step out and shine.

You deserve to have a first-class image, one that earns you the respect and admiration of others and most importantly of all, provides you with the confidence to just be yourself.

Your image should not be contrived, nor should it be predictable.  When you introduce yourself, you want others to be impressed with you, the individual, first and foremost.

The right image is not about expensive clothes or perfectly co-ordinated accessories; it’s about being you, being appropriate to the roles you play and being part of today.

For many, a sophisticated woman is considered as such because of her outer appearance and overall polished exterior. Whilst this is also very important, there are many more elements in play.

It’s your attitude towards life that will not only allow you to realise success today but will also shape you into the woman you will become in future and carry you through life.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.Coco Chanel

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