Parisian Chic. Daily beauty rituals are a must.

Parisian Chic

For the past century, the western world has been fascinated by the allure and the unique style expression of Parisians.

French women are famous for their trademark effortless chic. Their mantra is quite simple ‘it’s about pleasure and enjoying life by feeling good about yourself.’

French beauty is an attitude – an allure. Quite simply, it’s in their culture. Parisians are receptive and attentive towards beauty rituals; however, they know not to become distracted by trends.

Compared to other countries, French women spend considerably more money on skin care from an earlier age. In fact, recent research has discovered that French women spend about $2.2 billion a year on facial skin care, which equals the Spanish, German and British combined spend.

Beauty rituals are proudly passed on through generations from mothers to daughters as a part of embracing health and well-being rather than viewing it as vanity.

By embracing skin care from a young age, premature signs of ageing don’t have the chance to surface, so the skin appears youthful for longer.

Beauty lessons start at a very early age in Paris. Skin care usually commences at the tender age of twelve with a quality moisturiser and by the age of fifteen, the girls are usually booked in for a visit to a dermatologist.

To the French, daily skin care practices become a well-established ritual – de rigueur. They never go to bed without a proper cleansing regime.

In Paris, the make-up and hairstyles vary depending on which side of the Seine one lives. The Left Bank is cool, intellectual and artistic whereas the Right Bank is more structured and classic – middle class chic or as the French say, ‘bourgeois chic’!

In a city which eats, sleeps and breathes fashion, it’s quite surprising that in general, Parisian women favour au naturel make-up.

For the French less is more when it comes to make-up.  Foundation is not favoured as it highlights the appearance of pores and lines in the face.

Their daily arsenal simply includes a quality concealer to hide dark circles and spots, a little blush, black mascara and a lip gloss. This simply gives a sense of beauty that is low maintenance but still put together.  It’s as simple as that.

There’s a certain mystique to the French psyche. For instance, they are unlikely to ever reveal their age – they’re far more mysterious about it.

In essence, Parisian chic is all about attitude. 

A holistic approach integrating the mind, body and soul. Inner serenity transcending to Parisian chic.

She has that certain je ne sais quoi… Anonymous

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